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Top 5 Android Apps for Taking Notes  by adfm

adfm says: I use my phone to jot down notes when I don't have pen and paper handy. Depending on what I'm doing I'll reach for a particular app. If I'm looking for a simple interface that I can dump my thoughts into without having to sync with the cloud, I'll go with AK Notepad. If I want to be able to access a note or photo anywhere, I'll go with Evernote. If I want to keep track of my todos and appointments and have it automatically update my calendar and sync to the cloud, I'll use Astrid. I'm I'm brainstorming and want to do a little mind mapping I'll use Thinking Space. If I want to share my notes with others efficiently and read and create QR codes, I'll use 3bananna Notes.
adfm's picks
  1. AK Notepad
    AK Notepad Simple customizeable interface, hashtags, search, SMS/email, save to SD
  2. Astrid Tasks & To-do List
    Astrid Tasks & To-do List Best GTD app for Android. Sync to, LED alerts, time tracking, calendar sync. Annotate as much or as little as you need. Awesome app!!!
  3. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. Cloud sync, OCR, cross-platform. Solid app.
  4. Mindjet Maps for Android
    Mindjet Maps for Android Excellent mind mapping app. Exports to Freemind desktop, cloud sync. Very well done app.
  5. Catch Notes
    Catch Notes Cloud notes with QR reader. Share your notes via QR codes.



Another awesome (and free!) note taking app is Note Everything. The free version has a lot of great features (including importing/exporting notes from other apps). NE is more than a textual note taker, it also allows Voice Notes and Paint Notes.

The user interface is extremely efficient and user-friendly.

There is also an add-on app called NE GDocs that will import/export GDocs with Note Everything.

I purchased the Pro version (which offers even more features such as exporting all your stuff to the SD Card and checklists) mostly because I wanted to support a great product!

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Hope the Android market will soon be at par with the iPhone App store. I have tried to compile some of the best android health apps on my blog -

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Great list! We'd love more!

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I think ColorNote is a good one as well

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