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Slang  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: Ever felt like you weren't speaking the same language, even though you're talking to someone who speaks English and you do too? These apps might help you figure out what is really being talked about.
jessicadally's picks
  1. British Slang
    British Slang Not only do you get to know what your Brit friends and TV shows are saying, but you can sound slang smart with this one, because let's face it, an English accent makes you instantly more intelligent!
  2. WTF Net Slang Dictionary
    WTF Net Slang Dictionary Possibly the most useful if you have friends that text a lot. FWIW this app can really help so you don't have to search with a browser, which can be a total PITA. I wonder if the app has BSC? Hmm.
  3. A SeXXXy Slang Guide, Dating
    A SeXXXy Slang Guide, Dating Want to talk about sex in a way your grandma won't understand? This app is for you.
  4. Irish Slang
    Irish Slang I'm not sure if I've ever needed to understand Irish slang but if you're travelling to the country this could definitely be useful.
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