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Black Book Apps  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: This week I stayed at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco and picked up the copy of Black Book Magazine. Turns out they had a couple of big lists of apps they like, and of course they have their own too! Here's the list for Droid, or at least the first part of it!
jessicadally's picks
  1. Corcoran
    Corcoran Help you move, in app form. Search for a house and find nearby restaurants, shops and nightlife.
  2. British Slang
    British Slang We all think we speak the same language, but watch a new show and you'll be schooled in just how much you might not know. This is the app for you!
  3. FxCamera - a free camera app
    FxCamera - a free camera app Turn your photos into a pop art masterpiece... or maybe just a bit more cool than it is now.
  4. Pocket DJ Vintage
    Pocket DJ Vintage Mix different beats, scratch and loop like a pro. Well, a phone DJ pro!
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