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We welcome our Google Overlords  by Saperle

Saperle says: With my Android phone, Google is taking over every aspect of my life. And with only some trepidation, I welcome it! These are my favourite Google apps for Android.
Saperle's picks
  1. Google Voice
    Google Voice Saves me on text packages, on long distance (I can call my family in Canada for free!), and from listening to my voicemails at all. Can't beat it.
  2. Google Goggles
    Google Goggles This is the app I whip out to demonstrate to naysayers just how cool a) smartphones and b) Android-based smartphones are. It's fun and useful and always makes me feel like we've entered The Future.
  3. Gmail
    Gmail I have my personal and my work (Google apps) email on this in a wonderfully integrated and intuitive way.
  4. Google Translate
    Google Translate Remember Babelfish? Neither do I. The audio input and recognition and translation are astounding. Now if only it worked offline...
  5. Maps
    Maps I am lost. Always. This is the only reason no one else knows. Saves my butt whether I'm walking, driving, or taking public transit.
  6. Google Reader
    Google Reader A new offering from Google, and one long-overdue, it still has a few kinks to be worked out, but not many. Read and share the contents of your Google Reader, free!
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