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Need a flight?  by etherealglimpse

etherealglimpse says: these apps should help you with your flight search and also after you have your flight.
etherealglimpse's picks
  1. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
    KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars A good search app for flights and hotel
  2. Orbitz - Flights, Hotels, Cars
    Orbitz - Flights, Hotels, Cars Orbitz provides a good service and starting point to search for hotels, flights, and cars. Has booking capabilities on phone.
  3. OnTheFly
    OnTheFly Great interfaces and searches for flights.
  4. Checkpoc
    Checkpoc A good checklist, nothing fancy. Make sure you get on the plane with what you need.
  5. FlightView Elite FlightTracker
    FlightView Elite FlightTracker View flights and delays as realtime as possible. Make sure you will be on time.
  6. Flight Trip Planner
    Flight Trip Planner A comprehensive check list of what goes into flying. Easy way to make sure you are flying with everything necessary.
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