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Weather Where You Are  by Saperle

Saperle says: I always check the weather on my phone each morning, before I even get dressed for work. Here are some alternatives to the standard weather app that comes with Android.
Saperle's picks
  1. Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Beautiful Widgets Pro It's not a weather app per se, but it has lovely widgets, true to its name, to display the weather.
  2. WeatherBug
    WeatherBug A well designed weather app that comes with widgets. My favourite part of this app is the live cam in your area.
  3. Weather Cities
    Weather Cities Really, really basic weather app that tells you the temp based on your city for the week, with conditions, highs and lows. Ad-supported and kind of ugly, but it doesn't swamp you with more data than you need.
  4. RedSky Weather Radar
    RedSky Weather Radar See animated weather images of locations in the USl
  5. The Weather Channel
    The Weather Channel Standard weather app with widget--A little slow to load but supports multiple location profiles. Good for people commuting between different locations with different weather a lot.
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