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In the need of some good wine?  by arvid

arvid says: Holiday season is coming and enjoying a good glass of wine is great! Use these apps to find good wine!
arvid's picks
  1. Drync Wine Free
    Drync Wine Free Put over 1 million wines in your pocket, making *you* the expert!
  2. Wine Tasting Tab
    Wine Tasting Tab Search for tasting rooms that match your price and preference
  3. Pair It! Expert Wine Pairing
    Pair It! Expert Wine Pairing Match food with wine, and vice versa
  4. Wine Dictionary
    Wine Dictionary the most relevant hundreds of Wine and Winery related terms
  5. My Wines
    My Wines With My Wines you can carry and share a list of your favorite wines on your mobile device. In your custom list of My Wines you can add all the details of your favorite wines



What a wonderful list! Thank you for creating it. :)

Reply to comment Posted December 06, 2010