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The Royal Selection  by alpha1

alpha1 says: The most royal and useful apps for android. Useful, Fun and a Pleasure to Use.
alpha1's picks
  1. 3G Watchdog - Data Usage
    3G Watchdog - Data Usage Great monitor of your data usage. Doesn't costs memory too much either!
  2. Locale
    Locale One Word. Genius!
  3. MiniSquadron!
    MiniSquadron! Nice shooting planes!
  4. old app.........
    old app......... Fun game, great idea and keeps me entertained. Great Time Killer.
  5. Train Times UK
    Train Times UK Good information on Train Arrivals and Departures.
  6. cab4me taxi finder
    cab4me taxi finder Good app for taxis, especially after Night clubs and Parties.
  7. Ghost Radar®: LEGACY
    Ghost Radar®: LEGACY Very Very very interesting. Try it out.
  8. Cuisine : 25 000 recettes
    Cuisine : 25 000 recettes C'est le plus meilleur app for cooking. French as well.
  9. Alchemy Premium
    Alchemy Premium Intresting game of combining the 4 elements.
  10. Fruit Ninja
    Fruit Ninja Nice Slicing. P.S, Stupid thing didn't let me add one app which i regard as the best for android- HAWX.
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