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In the dark? Which apps come in handy?  by arvid

arvid says: So the light goes out, power failure. Which apps are handy to have on your phone?
arvid's picks
  1. Grooveshark
    Grooveshark Passing some time with music
  2. TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter
    TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter Are you the only person or do more people have a power failure? Quickly check that using twitter
  3. Torch
    Torch Did I already say; dark? Like really dark? This torch will give you some light
  4. SPB TV
    SPB TV TV is not working so now you have to watch TV using your phone.
  5. Angry Birds
    Angry Birds Passing some more time playing Angry Birds
  6. Shopping List
    Shopping List No power means your refrigerator stops working as well. Time to create a shopping list and get some new groceries tomorrow!
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