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Where was I?  by arvid

arvid says: Do you like to share with friends where you have been or do you just like it when you can check it yourself? Install one of these apps to track-and-trace
arvid's picks
  1. Foursquare — Best City Guide
    Foursquare — Best City Guide Check in at Foursquare using this app and see where all your friend are.
  2. Gowalla
    Gowalla Use Gowalla to earn some nice prices while checking in
  3. Maps
    Maps Use Google Latitude to display your location on a map. Friends can see where you are and give you a call
  4. Google Buzz widget
    Google Buzz widget use Google Buzz to buzz something and include a location
  5. Facebook
    Facebook Facebook places it not available everywhere yet but it is a solid implementation of a location service. Use it from within your app
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