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Widgets that Look Clean, and Attractive  by bchez

bchez says: I just finished up a list about customizing your phone, and I found the widgets were a huge part of it. I decided to list them all separately, as I liked a TON of them. :-) Also, these are all super useful too. :-)
bchez's picks
  1. Clockr
    Clockr Very cool looking clock.
  2. CalWidget
    CalWidget Agenda widget - custom and links to Google Calendar.
  3. Pure Grid calendar widget
    Pure Grid calendar widget A monthly calendar widget - custom and links to Google Calander (among others)
  4. Smooth Calendar
    Smooth Calendar Another agenda widget, but simpler, and smaller.
  5. To Do List
    To Do List A to do list widget with several customizations.
  6. Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Beautiful Widgets Pro App has a neat clock and weather combo widget - comes with one in the app, and you can download many others through the app. TONS of styles to choose from.
  7. BattStatt Free
    BattStatt Free A text battery Check widget.
  8. Tajm
    Tajm A text date and time widget that matches Batt Statt
  9. Fancy Widget
    Fancy Widget Similar to Beautiful Widget but free, and only has 2 styles (classic and new) instead of many.
  10. Extended Controls
    Extended Controls Allows you to customize look and very useful toggles for a variety of things.
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