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Customize your Android phone with NO rooting :-)  by bchez

bchez says: This list holds apps that I have used to make my phone look closer to what my rooted friends have. I am not a rooting type of person, but I still want my phone to be pretty. These apps qualify for both! :-) There are probably competitors to each of these on the market, but I found each of these super easy to use!
bchez's picks
  1. LauncherPro
    LauncherPro This app sort of replaces your home screens that come with your phone. It allows you to change your number of screens (7), and the number of icons at the bottom (dock) of your phone (5, up to 15 with scrolling). This gives you more screen space for viewing all your fave widgets. There is a competitor or two on the market, but this was super easy to use.
  2. Home Switcher
    Home Switcher This app allows you to switch back and forth between homes. That way, you can feel confident in setting up a new set of screens with Launcher Pro, and know you can have your old home screens back by "switching" in-between them. (back to the old one)
  3. WidgetLocker Lockscreen
    WidgetLocker Lockscreen This allows you to customize your lockscreen with different types of locks, as well as with widgets to appear on it.
  4. Folder Organizer
    Folder Organizer This app allows you to switch out your icons for a custom set. You can find icon sets or packs through the internet and in the market. This app allows you to use them as the icons for your programs, bookmarks etc. This app also allows you to organize apps into groups or folders, making them easy to navigate.
  5. Flikie Wallpapers HD
    Flikie Wallpapers HD This app has tons and tons of wallpapers to choose from - anything you can think of. There is a non HD version as well. Its super easy to change out the papers.



Also check out Live Shortcuts - allows you to add app shortcuts to your home screens that automatically change to show only the apps you use frequently.

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