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Apps for Joggers  by triplemac

triplemac says: There are tons of apps on the Android marketplace that allows users to track their running or any outdoor sports progress.
triplemac's picks
  1. Endomondo - Running & Walking
    Endomondo - Running & Walking The clean online and offline user interface makes sports tracking easy and fun. The app also offers some features that only premium version of other apps can offer.
  2. RunKeeper Free
    RunKeeper Free The free version is enough for any average runner who only needs basic tracking. Like Endomondo, the GUI is very clean and easy to use.
  3. JogTracker
    JogTracker This basic tracking app provides basic features but it is easy to use and stable.
  4. iMapMyRUN
    iMapMyRUN This app is dedicated for tracking running, and it has done a good job accurately tracking. However the features could be improved with a more stable version.



Any idea where from I can get jogger's armband for Wildfire, similar to that for ipod please?
No luck in ebay or other sites...

Reply to comment Posted November 08, 2010