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Apps for mobile book reading  by etherealglimpse

etherealglimpse says: This is an assortment of apps that will help you read on your mobile device, purchase books, and a few handy other apps that keep you informed and lookup words that you don't know.
etherealglimpse's picks
  1. Aldiko Book Reader Premium
    Aldiko Book Reader Premium A wonderful ebook reader with amazing cataloging and format support.
  2. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle A great way to peruse your kindle collection of ebooks.
  3. Moon+ Reader
    Moon+ Reader *Read thousands of books for free, supports online ebook libraries. *Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation. Supports txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, zip.
  4. FactBook
    FactBook FactBook is a reference app offering fast and easy access to the CIA World Fact Book and United Nations data and statistics
  5. NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines
    NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines A great way to access your B&N books on your android device.
  6. FBReader: Favorite Book Reader
    FBReader: Favorite Book Reader An ebook reader. Supports epub, oeb and fb2(.zip) file formats. Visit 6 popular network libraries for a large set of e-books. Download and read a book directly from the program!
  7. Urban Dictionary
    Urban Dictionary Look up slang words
  8. A great online dictionary



Has anybody heard of an RSS reader or even an ebook reader for Android that allows you to scroll the text by tilting the device? I've gotten used to reading my RSS feeds on my desktop by having the text slowly and smoothly scroll up the screen. I'd like to do that on my Nexus phone and the tilt sensor in the phone should be a great way to control the speed of the scroll, but I've found no app yet that's implemented this capability.

Reply to comment Posted February 22, 2011