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Wireless and Network Utilities for Geeks  by dremhmrk2

dremhmrk2 says: I do a lot of onsite tech support, so I have a few trick apps in my bag at all times.
dremhmrk2's picks
  1. Tricorder
    Tricorder I'm a geek! And it shows me wireless signal levels AND the stardate!
  2. Wifi Analyzer
    Wifi Analyzer Sometimes you just need to get the signal, man.
  3. Why doesn't your nextflix work? Oh yeah you have 512k DSL shared amongst 5 computers. That explains it.
  4. Voice Search
    Voice Search Find anything. Quickly.
  5. Droidlight LED Flashlight
    Droidlight LED Flashlight Ever needed to plug a cable in in complete darkness? I use this more than anything.
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