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Apps for when you get a concussion (or just need first aid)  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: No, really. Last night I slipped, fell, and met a tile floor head-on. Literally. Diagnosis: mild concussion. Good thing I had a few handy apps to sort myself out so I am well enough to share this list with you today.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. First Aid
    First Aid A click on "head injuries," a click on "concussion," and there's all the info I need on signs, symptoms and treatment. This app is a good all-around info source for almost any first aid situation.
  2. Hospital Intel
    Hospital Intel A knock on the head can leave you a little disoriented. Use this app to find local hospitals and emergency centers, and check out quality, satisfaction and other ratings for key indicators.
  3. ICE: In Case of Emergency
    ICE: In Case of Emergency Keep your medical history, emergency contacts, insurance information, and other health must-knows in this organizational app. Chances are if you have a severe concussion you won't know your own name, let alone where your insurance card is, so let this app do the talking for you.
  4. Amazon
    Amazon And now that I'm feeling better, I should probably buy a helmet before I leave the house and injure myself again.



Oh my god, take care of yourself!

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I'm just having the worst luck health-wise lately! But at least I'm not sick AND injured at the same time, right? *knock on wood*

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