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Planning a vacation  by arvid

arvid says: Great apps to help you plan a vacation!
arvid's picks
  1. OnTheFly
    OnTheFly Great new app built by Google giving you accurate and detailed information to book a flight (shame you can't book them through the app)
  2. Maps
    Maps Where are you planning to go. Google Maps provides you great acces to maps or satellite footage.
  3. Wikitude
    Wikitude Wikitude uses the phone's GPS, compass, and movement sensors to match your position in relation to the landmarks you point the camera toward. The app works great as a tourist guide but also can be useful for finding the history of places anywhere around you.
  4. Hotels Near Me
    Hotels Near Me Looking for some hotels? After you have used OnTheFly you can use this app to find hotels near you!
  5. Trip Journal
    Trip Journal Trip Journal tracks your exact travel route by continuously recording your GPS coordinates, together with any photos you take along the way.
  6. Google Translate
    Google Translate When going abroad, you do need some help to talk to the locals!
  7. TripIt: Trip Planner
    TripIt: Trip Planner Organize your entire itinerary with this app or via the website. You will never miss a flight again!
  8. FlightTrack
    FlightTrack Keep track of your flights and get up to date information on whether you have delays or a gate change!



Fantastic list! Thank you Arvid!

Reply to comment Posted November 16, 2010