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Apps when you are stuck in an airport  by bchez

bchez says: These are good ones to have on your phone when you are stuck in a long layover. I always like to find a nice corner near a wall plug and waste the hours away.
bchez's picks
  1. Angry Birds
    Angry Birds Its entertaining! And free! And fun!
  2. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle Download a free book or two, and the hours will pass in no time.
  3. eBay
    eBay There is always stuff I want to look at on Ebay - but I never think to do it at home. Good time is when you are stuck.
  4. Amazon
    Amazon Same reason I chose ebay.
  5. Alchemy
    Alchemy Its entertaining! And free! And fun!
  6. UTube Mobile
    UTube Mobile There are lots of videos to watch. Catch up on all the latest memes. Or search for funny puppy videos. I mean you are stuck in an airport.



You might enjoy LavaBox. Besides being a music player, it's a full interactive lava lamp. It's really easy to lose track of time, as you play with it.

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