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Ann's Gettin' Around Town Apps  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: When I asked Ann about her favorite apps these are the ones she listed. Primarily transportation apps, these will help you get around Seattle with ease no matter what your form of transportation.
jessicadally's picks
  1. OneBusAway
    OneBusAway This is likely Ann's favorite app. As an avid bus user I'm almost certain she could do without that app as she seems to know the bus schedule and routes by heart but still, I'm sure at some point she may need help and I suppose that this app comes in handy at that point!
  2. WSDOT
    WSDOT Traffic alerts, traffic cameras and the like provided by the Washington State DOT. Figure out why you're sitting in traffic and when that might end.
  3. Maps
    Maps Not only is it an obvious choice but the ability to page through search results is an extra added bonus to this great transportation app.
  4. Happy Hour
    Happy Hour Might as well have a reason for other types of transportation right? Find a happy hour and then use one of these transportation apps to get you back home.
  5. Curb - The Taxi App
    Curb - The Taxi App Get a taxi from your phone, for after that unplanned happy hour!
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