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Dutch travel apps  by arvid

arvid says: Commuting in the Netherlands? Use one of these apps to plan your travel
arvid's picks
  1. OV: Trein - PRO
    OV: Trein - PRO Well built app to plan your train travel
  2. 9292ov Pro
    9292ov Pro plan your travel from departure till arrival. Great for door to door planning
  3. OV Chipkaart Saldo
    OV Chipkaart Saldo Check the amount of money on your travel card
  4. NS Reisplanner Xtra
    NS Reisplanner Xtra Official app of the Dutch railways
  5. Android TreinTijden Pro
    Android TreinTijden Pro Best app ever. Used this now for over a year and it saved me several times!
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