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Remotes for controlling media playback  by etherealglimpse

etherealglimpse says: These apps will help you remotely control various software off your computers
etherealglimpse's picks
  1. XBMC remote control
    XBMC remote control This app will help you control xbmc from your phone. Very good function and presentation. Can use to browse xbmc.
  2. Remote for Roku
    Remote for Roku This remote will help you control the roku box.
  3. Songbird Remote Free
    Songbird Remote Free This app helps you control songbird remotely
  4. Amarok2 Remote
    Amarok2 Remote This app is a remote for amarok. Works over wifi.
  5. Boxee Wifi Remote
    Boxee Wifi Remote This will help you remote control boxee.
  6. Remote for iTunes
    Remote for iTunes This app will help you control and browse itunes through your android device.
  7. GRemotePro - cupcake 1.5
    GRemotePro - cupcake 1.5 This remote is a multi function remote. A universal remote for your android device.
  8. VLC Remote
    VLC Remote This app is great, will help you control and browse and play any file through vlc on your computer.
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