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Emergency Life Saving Apps  by etherealglimpse

etherealglimpse says: These apps will either help you get help fast, or start giving help fast. Always be ready.
etherealglimpse's picks
  1. ICE: In Case of Emergency
    ICE: In Case of Emergency This app is great in case you get hurt. It keeps all your information in one place related to your health needs. Who to call, insurance, doctor's name and number, allergies, medical conditions, medications.
  2. Doctor Finder
    Doctor Finder Find the nearest doctor according to specialty.
  3. Emergency Live Tracker
    Emergency Live Tracker If you are ever in an emergency use this to send your gps coordinates to someone you trust. Kidnapping, car accidents, getting lost, etc.
  4. First Aid Checklist
    First Aid Checklist This will tell you what items you should have in your first aid kit. Never be caught without it.
  5. Pocket First Aid & CPR
    Pocket First Aid & CPR Sometimes its up to you to save someone's life. Stay calm and use this app to provide help until ems arrives. Also please stay on the line with 911, they can give you audible instructions. Just a tip.
  6. iTriage Health
    iTriage Health *Search symptoms *Explore diseases *Get cost info *Locate a doctors, hospitals, urgent cares, pharmacies and retail clinics *ER wait times if available
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