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When I travel I have with me...  by arvid

arvid says: the following apps. I travel a lot for my work and having these apps with me ensure that I am up-to-date on the latest news, travel information and much more!
arvid's picks
  1. FlightTrack
    FlightTrack Great tool to keep track of your flight schedule. Provides up to date information on the whereabouts of your flights
  2. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. I use this app to track all my travel information (hotel, taxi etc)
  3. The Weather Channel
    The Weather Channel Wherever you go, you need to know what the weather will be like
  4. Moby
    Moby Share pictures and videos of where you are at
  5. Foursquare — Best City Guide
    Foursquare — Best City Guide Check in on all those amazing locations and earn badges!
  6. Google Translate
    Google Translate Parlez-vous Francais? If not, you gonna need this app!
  7. Skype - free IM & video calls
    Skype - free IM & video calls Need to call your spouse? Get connected on Wifi and use Skype to call for free!
  8. WeFi Pro - Automatic Wi-Fi
    WeFi Pro - Automatic Wi-Fi Locate free Wifi spots near you so you don't have those expensive roaming charges
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