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Get Control of Your Droid  by dugn

dugn says: Getting a new Droid is awesome. Here's a list geared to viewing, adjusting and managing your mobile's settings and features. We avoid the 'Gee-Whiz' apps that may be simply fun to look at in favor of those that really make configuring and using your Droid easier.
dugn's picks
  1. AppMgr III (App 2 SD)
    AppMgr III (App 2 SD) Quickly identifies apps that can be moved to an SD and back. Works simply by clicking an icon of the app to move. Great for cleaning up your phone memory or backing up your apps through the SD card.
  2. Mini Info Classic
    Mini Info Classic Use the widget to see battery, memory and SD card at a glance. Use the app to see even more details including battery, phone memory, SD memory, CPU usage, RAM usage. Even quickly turn on or adjust bluetooth, wireless, GPS, volume or brightness on a single page.
  3. Wifi Analyzer
    Wifi Analyzer Displays networks within range, signal strength and which channels are less trafficked. Great way to assess the networks around you or optimize your own home WiFi.
  4. Appolicious
    Appolicious How do you find the best apps for your Droid - by word of mouth? Not unless your word of mouth is the Appolicious community. This app uploads a list of your apps to the Appolicious site where you can rank and review apps with other like-minded people. Browse other people's lists and rankings to find the best apps you would have otherwise missed.
  5. My Backup Pro
    My Backup Pro For a mere $5, this app automatically backs up you apps and/or data to an SD card or the Backup Pro web site on a preset schedule. 50MB of online storage is included where you can view your backed-up data knowing it's safely off your device in case of catastrophe
  6. 3G Watchdog - Data Usage
    3G Watchdog - Data Usage Best 3G monitor made. Install it and get notifications if you get close to using too much of your monthly allotment. Great interface lets you see 3G usage that day, week, month or during your current billing period.
  7. Advanced Task Killer
    Advanced Task Killer With a tap of the widget, your memory is cleaned up and your Droid instantly speeds up. Tap the app instead and choose which apps get clobbered. Don't believe the naysayers who'll tell you this app doesn't speed things up, they're wrong. I love it!
  8. Battery Left Widget
    Battery Left Widget While 'Mini Info' is best to see an overview of your key settings, the free Battery Left (widget) gives you an ultra-detailed view into your battery performance, time remaining and even calibrates its estiamtes over time to become more accurate. For those with multiple batteries, pick up 'Battery Left Pro' for $2 to add the ability to set different profiles for even more accuracy.
  9. Uninstaller
    Uninstaller Not much better than what's built in, but nonetheless a simpler, sortable list of installed apps you can remove with a tap or two.
  10. GPS Status & Toolbox
    GPS Status & Toolbox View your mobile's GPS coverage, number of, strength and alignment of satellites. More info than you might need, but a great way to make sure your well positioned.



While Task Managers can speed up a phone to a small degree, there are many more reasons not to use. At the very least you should suggest people do thier own homework on the issue and decide for themselves. Google dev have themselves stated that killing apps uses more CPU cycles that leaving them and therefore battery life is shortened

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