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I May Not Look Like a Jock but I can sure Sound Like One!  by fremdelafrem

fremdelafrem says: I don't have a million sports apps but the ones I have, I absolutely cannot live without. Too busy to stay glued to the screen for entire games so these apps keep me "in the know".
fremdelafrem's picks
  1. Yahoo Sport News
    Yahoo Sport News The app I actually have is Yahoo Fantasy Sports 2010 but it's not listed here so I had to choose Yahoo Sports News....Even though I'm at the bottom of the standings looking up, I have to look! Plus what's sports without having access to Smack Talk your fantasy league buddies 24/7?
  2. ESPN
    ESPN I created a "My Teams" page for quick access to the scores & schedules. The graphics are so deep (3D like fonts) that I love seeing all the team logos in rich colors.
  3. Memory Trainer
    Memory Trainer Since the brain is a muscle and if you don't use it, you get mentally out of shape, I have this on my Sports list. Fun and challenging and a great app to use while waiting online for the Pumpkin Picking Hayride or your Sunday morning booth at the Diner. Challenging for adults as well as the rugrats.
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