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Explicitly A Mobile Gamer-now not-so-much...  by fremdelafrem

fremdelafrem says: I love video games but haven't had the time or opportunity to get the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Therefore, I have my old Xbox collecting dust in the basement and I can't fathom sitting on the couch playing games. The wife wouldn't be thrilled. Therefore, I've become a closet gamer with my D2. Only have played free apps thus far but LOVE Angry Birds and Paper Toss. I had Whack a Mole which was fun but had too many updates to deal with... OK- since I wrote this last year, I bought an XBOX 360 with Kinnect and gave my D2 to my wife and now drive a Droid Charge...funny how things change and I didn't even realize how comfy our couch can be!
fremdelafrem's picks
  1. old app.........
    old app......... I heard so much about this app from my Blackberry Friends that when it became available, I jumped on it faster than a Metal Head sleeping out for a Van Halen reunion. Awesome graphics, sounds and great fun!
  2. Paper Toss
    Paper Toss It's simply therapeutic.
  3. Penguin I - Classic
    Penguin I - Classic It just makes me laugh like a little kid.
  4. Shark Attack
    Shark Attack I'm from The "Jaws" generation so how could I say no. Plus, I have to eventually get back in the water...maybe being the Shark will help. The crunching and screaming sound bytes are better than the graphics. I like the "Tilt" option as opposed to the "Touch Screen" option. You just can't be lounging on your back while playing in Tilt, you have to sit up. Better that way anyway, you never know when an Orca is coming from behind.
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