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OCD or Just Organized?  by fremdelafrem

fremdelafrem says: I'm a note guy. Notes and To-Do lists get me through the hectic days. Between work, parenting, caring for 3 dogs and trying to have a social life, these apps help me in more ways than one.
fremdelafrem's picks
  1. Jorte Calendar & Organizer
    Jorte Calendar & Organizer Sync capabilities, look and feel, ease of use.
  2. Springpad
    Springpad I like how I can put my thoughts into it at a tap of the screen. For me, it's a creative tool and I like how I can sync it to their website where I can play with the same data I created on the go.
  3. Keeper® Password Manager
    Keeper® Password Manager Chosen because of the 30 (or so) User Names and Passwords that I have to remember and keep handy. Much more convenient than any other storage out there and it has 128 bit encryption security.



I think my head would explode if I didn't have Keeper - excellent choice!

Associated Apps:  Keeper® Password Manager

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Thanks Triple G! I love this site and am happy to meet you! :-) My real name is Paul btw...

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