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Tweet, tweet - twitter apps for Android  by arvid

arvid says: So many apps to choose from! Which apps to pick! Just have a go through this list and see which one
arvid's picks
  1. Twitter
    Twitter The official twitter app. Does the job but lacks some additional features Missing multiple accounts!
  2. TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter
    TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter Powerful twitter client, provides loads of features and is really stable.
  3. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social
    Hootsuite for Twitter & Social Syncs seamlessly with the website. Supports multiple accounts and even scheduling!
  4. TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)
    TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) The newest player in the game. The Android client of tweetdeck. Have a look at the video-review that was just posted:
  5. Plume Premium for Twitter
    Plume Premium for Twitter A solid app, supporting multiple accounts and has a nice UI. Definitely is one of the best twitter apps around.
  6. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)
    Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Manage twitter and Google Buzz from this robust application



Seesmic! Also phenomenal for multiple accounts and UI.

Associated Apps:  Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

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Thanks.. used it a few times but it is not my first pick :)

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Hi Arvid,

You might also be interested in checking out my company's Android app. It's called Hellotxt (, and it is a simpler and more fun solution for social overload.

Don't get me wrong, columns and all the Tweedeck and Seesmic functions for tracking and marketing your "brand" are great...but check out Doodle Updates and Fun Suggestions (a quote or funny saying from a crowdsourced database) in Hellotxt Android!

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