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Be ready for any party  by etherealglimpse

etherealglimpse says: These apps should help you get your parted started and then keep it from dying.
etherealglimpse's picks
  1. Party Planner
    Party Planner This app will keep your party planned and well equipped by reminding you of what you need and what you already did.
  2. Amazon
    Amazon Find the cheapest price for your party materials.
  3. Is It A Party?
    Is It A Party? A fun app that tells you if the party is getting boring. If it is, keep reading this list for help.
  4. Drinking Games
    Drinking Games Dude, people have fun when their drinking. Use this apps to find out which drinking game you'll participate in next.
  5. Drinking Buddy (Games, Mixes)
    Drinking Buddy (Games, Mixes) Ok so you have games, want more games? try this. But wait, same lame drink the past 30 minutes? whip this app out and find out your next concution.
  6. Party & Drinking Games
    Party & Drinking Games Not enough games yet? This check this app for a few more.
  7. Epicurious Recipe App
    Epicurious Recipe App Oh yea, are people getting the munchies? Pad those stomach walls with some food. Try this app to get some delicious meals served.
  8. Party Games
    Party Games You can't go wrong with more party games.
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