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Start the Android experience on your Samsung Galaxy tab  by arvid

arvid says: You just bought your Samsung Galaxy tab so which apps should you start with? Start off with these apps!
arvid's picks
  1. old app.........
    old app......... Just launched as a full app and for free! Great game to play on your Galaxy tab
  2. TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter
    TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter Well, you need to tweet right? The live-preview on the Galaxy tab makes tweeting and visiting the links a breeze!
  3. NewsRob Pro
    NewsRob Pro Sit back and relax, read your RSS-feed on your Galaxy tab using this app.
  4. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. Great note taking app. Use your Galaxy tab to take pictures of receipts or other things and organize them using the large screen on your tab!
  5. PicSay - Photo Editor
    PicSay - Photo Editor Edit photos on your Galaxy tab. Multi touch, the large screen, great for some fun! Use the front facing camera to capture a portrait and start editing it!
  6. Appolicious
    Appolicious Bonus app, keep track of all the apps you install on your Samsung Galaxy tab and add them automatically to the library here at
  7. Skies of Glory
    Skies of Glory Amazing game that allows you to fly a plane using the motion sensors. On the tab this game looks amazing!
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