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Never Gonna Give You Up (apps I won't delete)  by CupcakesAndCode

CupcakesAndCode says: Some apps come and go...the marketplace is fickle, and innovation and trends make for a dynamic series of installs and uninstalls. These apps? Won't ever leave my device (unless something way cool comes along, of course).
CupcakesAndCode's picks
  1. Plume for Twitter
    Plume for Twitter Favorite. Twitter. Client. Seriously, between the nicely-separated panels, the easy retweets and messages, and the ability to color-code tweets, I can't decide what I like best. It would be hard to top this app.
  2. Facebook
    Facebook As a former Apple fangirl (turned Android convert), I was hesitant to even install the Facebook app. Facebook for iPhone is so awkward that I almost exclusively relied on the browser for Facebooking, and expected to do the same for my new Droid X. I'm happy to report that the app just works more consistently, more fluidly, and (dare I say this when Apple fans might see?) more intuitively.
  3. Pandora
    Pandora Custom-tailored music stations? Yes, please. Plus, I can, without reservation, say that I prefer this flavor of Pandora to the browser-based Pandora (because its just so neat and tidy!), and to the i-version (because it can run concurrently with other apps).
  4. Dropbox
    Dropbox Speaking of "never gonna give you up" -- I hate misplacing the most current version of files, but I'm a multiple-computer/multiple-device kind of girl, and it's annoying to have to remember which machine I used for the most recent edits. Fortunately, Dropbox has that covered -- files sync up on any and all machines that the app is installed on,
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Adobe Acrobat Reader As if there were a question about how I might read PDFs on my device? Adobe invented the PDF...
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