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Games for Adobe AIR  by arvid

arvid says: Just released this morning and now already a great list of Adobe AIR games to run on your Android device! Disclaimer: haven't tested these apps yet so please leave your comments/rate them so I can improve this list
arvid's picks
  1. Adobe AIR
    Adobe AIR The app that does all the thinking!
  2. Chroma Circuit
    Chroma Circuit Great Adobe Air game
  3. Gridshock
    Gridshock Great Adobe Air game
  4. Qrossfire
    Qrossfire Great Adobe Air game
  5. Jacks
    Jacks Great Adobe Air game
  6. MazeBall
    MazeBall Great Adobe Air game
  7. Happy Peg
    Happy Peg Happy Peg is a remake of the classic peg game found in many restaurants.
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