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On the go note taking!  by arvid

arvid says: You always carry a mobile phone with you, so why not use it to take some notes on the go?
arvid's picks
  1. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. Best note-taking application known! This app works seamlessly with the desktop client and allows you to snap some notes on the go and read/edit them later on behind your desk!
  2. Springpad
    Springpad Crowdsource your notes! Snap a photo of a barcode and have Springpad look for any relevant information. Springpad goes beyond Evernote when it comes to sharing and being social
  3. AK Notepad
    AK Notepad Great app for taking notes on the go. Looking at the release notes, the last release was last year. Shame!
  4. Catch Notes
    Catch Notes Similar to evernote, allows syncing, sharing your notes and adding pictures to your notes as well.



Great list Arvid: You should check out SimpleNote. We're also trying to build our own at digiPIM. Sign up for beta - would love your thoughts before we release!

Reply to comment Posted October 21, 2010