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Top 5 Free Party/Hosting Apps  by meowlissa

meowlissa says: Host a lot of parties/events at home? Here are some great apps for making it an enjoyable and successful evening.
meowlissa's picks
  1. 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free
    8,500+ Drink Recipes Free Whether you're looking for a rare Holiday Mixer or that fancy title, using a couple drink apps never hurt.
  2. 10001 Cocktails
    10001 Cocktails This is my favorite Drink Recipe App out there with an ever growing variety that will never let you down.
  3. Moodagent
    Moodagent What's better than setting a mood with music or starting out with someone's favorite song? This is a great mood setting app.
  4. Remember The Milk
    Remember The Milk A fantastic app that allows you to create a detailed list of whatever you prefer. You won't forget anything again.
  5. Drinking Games
    Drinking Games Its filled with a list of games and rules to search. Sure to entertain everyone.
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