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Get "teed off" with Android Golf Apps  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Whether you like to hit the course yourself or just follow your favorite golfers around the tournaments, indulge your love of the links with some golf apps on your Android.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. TeeTimes
    TeeTimes Set up your tee time right from your phone with this app, and enjoy discounts from some courses!
    GOLF SCORE MANAGEMENT APP Once you're out there, ditch the old scoresheet and that itty-bitty pencil and use this app to keep score. It has a lot of courses pre-loaded and uses your GPS to track your progress. You can even upload your information to their website to brag about it later.
  3. Mini Golf'Oid Free
    Mini Golf'Oid Free Keep the game going in the clubhouse with this fun little golf game app - it even includes a multiplayer option!
  4. Golf Channel Mobile
    Golf Channel Mobile This app is a quick way to stay on top of the leaderboard, with live feeds from your favorite tournaments, along with an RSS for news and blogs.



One app you are missing here is skydroid. It is an awesome app. You can load in your golf course and then it will let you know how far from the hole you are. You can also track the distance of your shots. If you zoom out you can actually see the fairway to the hole from a sky view, which is great to see hazards you might not know about on a new course. Scoring and club recommendations are mentioned for future updates. For $1.99 you cant go wrong.

Associated Apps:  Skydroid - Golf GPS Scorecard

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Sweet! I'm going to let my golf friend who recommended these apps know he's missing out!

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Hey Triple G! Hope you're well. Do you know of any good golf games to download for the Droid? I would die to have "Golden Tee" on my phone! Not sure if you know that old video game but it rocks! Thanks, Paul

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