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Apps for the serious host  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: If you enjoy having people over, you know how much planning can go into the prep for your entertaining adventure. Food, drinks, ambiance, are all things that need to be prepared and prepped for. You're Android phone can help you out in those areas. Check out these apps to ease the stress of planning your next party.
kcooper11's picks
  1. 10001 Cocktails
    10001 Cocktails A little social lubrication anyone? This app will definitely get the party started. So many drink recipes, you'll have no problem finding drinks for everyone's taste.
  2. Digital Recipe Sidekick.
    Digital Recipe Sidekick. Drinks? Check. Now on to the grub. Find the perfect food regardless of the type of party you're planning. Snacks for the ballgame or aps for your sisters baby shower, lots of recipes for every occasion.
  3. WeatherBug
    WeatherBug Use this app to determine if you need to light the tiki torches or fire up the fireplace.
  4. Moodagent Free
    Moodagent Free Finally, set the tone for your soiree by playing some mood music. This app takes care of that by literally letting you determine the mood of the setting and it will play tunes based on those settings. No more fumbling with cd's or spending time creating a playlist that well eventually end. Let this app stream music fitting for you situation.
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