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Be a One Man Band with these Apps  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: There are lots of ways to make and share music with your Android phone. With so many helpful apps, you can cut the other band members right out of your band. But if you decide not to go solo, these apps can help out the whole group. Check out these apps to create music, help you perform it live and get the word out to your fans.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder)
    Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder) Ever write music only to forget which notes you were playing exactly? Chord! allows you to find the names of those chords you're strumming with multiple instruments and over 100 octaves. Don't fret lefty's, they haven't left you out with the included left hander mode.
  2. Vocal Ease
    Vocal Ease Get your voice ready to go on stage with these vocal warm-up exercises. 12 drills in all to keep those pipes healthy, ensuring you can perform and perform without straining the money maker.
  3. RD3 - Groovebox
    RD3 - Groovebox RD3 is an awesome syth, sequencer and drum machine. Make your bests and play along with your backing instrumentals. The app has 8 different drum kits, the ability to save songs as well as the ability to adjust them in real-time to allow for freestyles and solo's on the fly.
  4. Myspace
    Myspace So MySpace is dead, but only for normal people like you and I. For music however, MySpace remains the king social network. MySpace Music is surprisingly strong given the near death status of the regular version of the site. This app will let you get the word out about your upcoming gigs, upload photos right from your phone, and adjust the playlist of your uploaded music.



Good stuff K...I'm a working musician, and I saw an app my friend had on his iPhone that lets him scroll a song with the chords and lyrics on it while he reads it and plays along - very handy when you're working on a new song or if you get a request on stage etc
It's called "My Songbook" and I don't see anything (yet) for the Droid that does this at all

Reply to comment Posted September 29, 2010