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For the St. Louis Sports Lover  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: You don't find too many fair-weather fans in St. Louis sports. So our Cardinals aren't doing so hot this year. So what? We'll still kit out our Androids with themes for our favorite teams year-round, and follow their stats religiously whether we're at the game, at home, or on the road. Now if only we had an app for our beloved hometown Budweiser...
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. ZHD Theme:St Louis Cardinals
    ZHD Theme:St Louis Cardinals As I write this, we're only seven and a half games out... not the best our Redbirds have ever been, but that shouldn't stop the local baseball fan from snagging this fun theme to use on several different home launchers - try it on Pandahome (I did) and check out the fun icon set!
  2. zSt Louis Rams Clocks & News
    zSt Louis Rams Clocks & News It's football season and we have a promising young quarterback - keep track of your hometown Rams with news feed widgets and decorate your phone with a fun Rams clock! It doesn't take a full theme makeover or home launcher to deck out your phone for your team.
    NHL BLUES And if it's football season now, that means it's ALMOST hockey season, and you should grab this app to follow your St. Louis Blues' schedule, stats, and more.
  4. theScore: Sports & Scores
    theScore: Sports & Scores And no matter where you are or what season it is, follow your hometown heroes of EVERY sport with this handy app.
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