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Android Games for Readers  by SavvyMV

SavvyMV says: I'm a total bookworm and most of the games I like reflect my taste in books. The majority of my games deal with puzzles or words. Think you have what it takes? Check out the list below and tell me what you think.
SavvyMV's picks
  1. Sudoku 10'000
    Sudoku 10'000 This game has such prominance in my daily life that it has a shortcut on the main page of my Android. With 10,000 sudoku puzzles, even though I go through a puzzle in less than five minutes, I'll be entertained for months!
  2. Mahjong
    Mahjong If you love puzzles, then you'll love this game.
  3. WordUp!
    WordUp! Build your vocabulary and go against the clock in this high speed game where you find as many connecting words as possible.
  4. Brain Genius Deluxe
    Brain Genius Deluxe Not so much a reading game, however it is entertaining to see how you do.
  5. HangMan
    HangMan In this classic game, you have to guess what word(s) will keep the man from hanging. It looks easy at first but some will surprise you.
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