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Android Apps for Cheap Parents with Toddlers  by SavvyMV

SavvyMV says: Having a toddler is hard enough without having to look around for the best apps to help you do your "job". Making your phone cater to your lifestyle is what it the Android is for so don't be afraid to use it as a tool. I made this list because a lot of my friends with children my son's age or older often comment on how my phone is great, so I should share! However, I'm not willing to pay money for an app and neither should you.
SavvyMV's picks
  1. Alphabet for Toddlers
    Alphabet for Toddlers This is a great app for a little one who is just learning their alphabet. They'll like the noises and the way they can control the screen.
  2. GreatDad - Powered by Aloqa
    GreatDad - Powered by Aloqa A fantastic app to help you find events close to you that are family friendly. You can add and remove channels that apply to you to create the perfect in pocket event planner! Best of all, it's free!
  3. Toddler Lock
    Toddler Lock Free and keeps your child entertained while you do things you need to do... like talking to a doctor about S.H.O.T.S!
  4. Kids Paint Free
    Kids Paint Free If you can't bring crayons and paper with you everywhere, why not let your little one use your phone? This one has saved me at various restaurants that don't offer the typical crayons and coloring pad.
  5. Timer
    Timer A free timer for time outs.... perfect! You don't need to pay iTimeOut when this appa does the same thing! Plus you can choose the "alarm" and choose a silly sound to cheer your little one up after punishment.



Your kids will most likely enjoy playing with LavaBox.



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Our baby loves watching pictures with babies and there is a very cute game for Android "Happy Baby Faces" I just found recently. It is so nice that phone keys are locked so I can just hang the phone to my son and do not worry that he will launch something else or make a call :) and the best part I can upload our pictures as well, so he can recognize his parents, grandpa and grandma and his buddies. Rattles is a great idea too!

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I will like to suggest Animal Sounds Quiz, A game for toddlers, from With different levels, kids choose the animal after hearing the sound.

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