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Apps that I use the most on my phone  by Offbyone

Offbyone says: I have a Evo4g unrooted and I took notice of apps that I tend to use the most and put them on my homescreen. Here is a list of those apps.
Offbyone's picks
  1. My Tracks
    My Tracks I use this app everytime I walk my dog. It keeps track of the distance traveled, total time of the trip (along with just the time you were moving), average speed along with other things. I can even put my phone in standby and it still keeps track of everything.
  2. Grocery iQ
    Grocery iQ This is a great grocery list app with a huge assortment of items you can add. I personally like the barcode scanner it comes with. I get low on an item and before I throw it away I scan the barcode, it is now added to my grocery list.
  3. ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner
    ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner This app is not only used to find good deals on items by scanning the barcode, it also scans QR codes. It is a great all-in-one barcode scanner overall.
  4. gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
    gReader | Feedly | News | RSS I've tried a couple RSS feed readers and settled on gReader. The thing I like most about gReader is it is a very basic and simple reader that syncs with my Google Reader account.
  5. JuicePlotter
    JuicePlotter JuicePlotter is a great battery widget. It keeps track of your battery usage and plots it on a graph. In return it calculates your estimated battery time remaining based on the current usage. This remaining time is shown on a 1x1 widget. Upon being placed on a charger it displays the time remaining till fully charged. Informational at best but good information to know.
  6. Dolphin - Best Web Browser 
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser  This browser completely replaced the default android browser for me. It support tabs and flash video and has a great UI setup for Bookmarks and browser addons. Overall I think this may be the best browser out there.
  7. Quick Settings
    Quick Settings A fast-onestop access to the basic settings of your phone with an option to toogle. (Brightness, ringer mode, volume, bluetooth, wifi, and GPS) Also displays phone storage information and some battery information.
  8. Setting Profiles Full
    Setting Profiles Full I may not actually open this app often, but once I set up, it has ran more then any other app. I use to this customize my phone settings bases on Location, time, battery status, etc. For instance on weekdays between 8-5 (I'm at work) my phone goes into vibrate mode. When I leave work to head home, my bluetooth turns on. Once i get home my bluetooth turns off and wifi turns on. Great app for saving battery life.
  9. Multicon Widget
    Multicon Widget I use this app on every page of my android phone. This app converts one icon space into multiple icons (new version lets you customize how many rows/columns you want per icon space) The is a great app for people that feel there is not enough space on our screens for our apps.
  10. SystemPanel App / Task Manager
    SystemPanel App / Task Manager I use this app as a Task Manager, Uninstaller, and system monitor. What is great about this app is that I use to have 3 separate apps for each of those services. Now I consolidated them into this one.



Great list, thanks :-)

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Great List, Thanks as well.

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