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App Finding Apps for Android  by Offbyone

Offbyone says: These are my fav apps I use to find new apps
Offbyone's picks
  1. AppAware Best App Market
    AppAware Best App Market Great app for finding out what is being downloaded right now!
  2. AppBrain App Market
    AppBrain App Market Not only does it show your apps, but also give recommendations based on those apps.
  3. Appolicious
    Appolicious Of course this site has its own app and it also gives recommendations similar to AppBrain. Upside to this is that both apps give some different recommendations so you can use both.
  4. AndroidPIT: Apps, News, Forum
    AndroidPIT: Apps, News, Forum Like App of the Day, AndroidPIT also gives daily reviews of apps but a bit more indepth.
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