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Apps to Help Study for Standardized Tests  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: Whether your taking the SAT or the GRE, there are apps that can help you master that standardized test you've got coming up. Get to downloading these apps so you can start brushing up on those old forumlas and grammar rules you've pushed aside in your brain to make room for relevant information.
kcooper11's picks
  1. PowerVocab Adv Reader Pack
    PowerVocab Adv Reader Pack This app contains a database of over 700 commonly tested words and presents them in a multiple choice format, just like on the tests.
  2. Kaplan GRE Exam Vocab
    Kaplan GRE Exam Vocab 500 more words to learn. This app also gives you a sample sentence and phonetic pronunciations of the word. The app sells for $5.00 and contains all the same flashcards as the $20.00 physical pack.
  3. GRE Vocab
    GRE Vocab This app contains over 6000 words and bills itself as being good for more tests than the GRE. Word lists also from: SAT, LSAT, PSAT, ACT, GED and more.
  4. Learn Math via Videos
    Learn Math via Videos This one is for brushing up on all those old formulas you learned back in high school. Has sections for geometry, trig, calculus and more.
  5. Grammar Guide
    Grammar Guide This is a simple collection of all those pesky grammar rules. Includes rules on punctuation, capitalization, commonly misused and misspelled words and more. Also gives you proof-reading tips for any tests out there that include an essay portion.
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