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The Best of What's Around  by lagold27

lagold27 says: I am an IT/Software Consultant in Delaware so my phone is my life line.
lagold27's picks
  1. chomp SMS
    chomp SMS By far the most used App on my phone. Great for the ultimate text message user. I also like that the developers stay on top of bugs and constant improvements. I have submitted bugs on several occasions and they were addressed within a couple weeks if not days.
  2. Awesome Drop (File Sync)
    Awesome Drop (File Sync) So simple and easy to use, a baby could do it! Beats having to connect phone to your computer via USB. Lightweight and fast, never had a problem
  3. K-9 Mail
    K-9 Mail The best, what else can I say. If you use e-mail on an hourly basis, this is the only option. Great for managing multiple accounts. Only complaint is that it doesn't sync Mailbox folders for POP3 and IMAP accounts (not even sure if it's possible with those Mail Protocols?)
  4. Dolphin - Best Web Browser 
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser  The best alternative browser available. So many options and add-ins to improve performance and user experience.
  5. TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie
    TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie What a cool app! Basically, turns your phone into a walkie talkie, just like the old Nextel/Sprint Push to Talk phones, except free! Could use improvement with contacts and user features, would be nice to be able to group contacts. But still a flawless app and I love it.
  6. Multicon Widget
    Multicon Widget Couldn't Survive without this Widget. It allows you to turn a 1x1 space on the home screen to up to 4x4. I have 56 shortcuts on my home screen. Easy to use and customize so that your apps are organized and easy to find despite being slightly smaller. Could use the option to add text below shortcut icons. Hard to tell difference between shortcuts for Android Settings.
  7. Ringdroid
    Ringdroid What can I say, the best and only way to edit audio files to become your new favorite ringtone. Easy to Use and just perfect.
  8. Wyse PocketCloud BETA
    Wyse PocketCloud BETA The best way for an IT consultant to fix problems for a client remotely and get paid! when away from your computer. Does the job, i mean it's on a cellphone so it's not going to be awesome but it works.
  9. Personal Finance
    Personal Finance Great for viewing Stock Prices as well as managing personal finances. I mainly use this for it's stock market features.
  10. SwiftKey Keyboard Free
    SwiftKey Keyboard Free Makes typing on a touch screen sooo easy. I can almost do it with my eyes closed. Hope this becomes the standard for all touch screen phones in the future. Would be cool if SwiftKey and Swype were compatible
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