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Must have apps for everyone  by balzzzy

balzzzy says: I believe that everyone should have these apps as they provide excellent functionality and are essential to your phone. I hope you find something useful on this list to add to your collection.
balzzzy's picks
  1. 3G Watchdog - Data Usage
    3G Watchdog - Data Usage A great app to monitor data usage regardless of your data plan. Go to settings and set it up, put the widget on your home screen, and know exactly what you're using with no questions, data penalties or charges at the end of the month.
  2. Adao File Manager
    Adao File Manager The best file manager on the Market with a slew of options and features. It puts other file managers to rest without a shadow of a doubt. It's free, it's effective and highly recommended.
  3. GreenPower Free Battery Saver
    GreenPower Free Battery Saver Green Power extended my battery life by 30% just by managing my Wifi and Mobile network connections more efficiently than the Android OS. Now that`s worth having on every phone.
  4. Lookout Security & Antivirus
    Lookout Security & Antivirus Free anti-virus software for your mobile to protect you from the junk on the Market...and is there ever a bunch of junk on that Market. Worth the download.
  5. My Backup Pro
    My Backup Pro Backing it all up; apps, data, you name it. An easy to use interface with no issues. Well worth the money and security.
  6. Ringdroid
    Ringdroid A handy application that lets you make your own custom ringtones and notification sounds using your own MP3 files. Amazing app and free.
  7. Shazam Encore
    Shazam Encore A great application that searches a database of music to tell you what you're listening to. Great for music lovers and for keeping track of songs you have yet to download.
  8. Adao Task Manager
    Adao Task Manager The best task killer on the market. Helps to free up memory with applications that you are not using or that did not close in full. Great for saving batter`y power.
  9. ConvertPad - Unit Converter
    ConvertPad - Unit Converter This app has just about every kind of conversion that you could ever need when trying to convert. Great for those times when you're not sure how to convert or forget what you were taught in school.
  10. Wheres My Droid
    Wheres My Droid Regardless of where your phone is, this app will tell you. You can send a text message from another phone to make it ring, or look up the GPS coordinates and get directions from Google Maps. Finally a way to save hundreds of dollars on a new phone...for free.
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