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Susan's List Part 2  by jessicadally

jessicadally says: This week I had the pleasure of working with Susan Tenby of TechSoup (@suzboop, @techsoup) at the National Sexual Assault Conference put on by CALCASA and as I always do when I see someone has a smart phone, I asked Susan what her favorite apps are. For someone who just got her droid I'm impressed that she had a full ten that she loved. Here they are and a bit about why they're great. Here's part two of the apps Susan loves.
jessicadally's picks
  1. FlashLight
    FlashLight Lighting up your phone is helpful when things are dark. While I find my regular screen bright enough to lead me most places I've got an app as well, for just those occasions when you need a bit more light.
  2. Sky Map
    Sky Map If you want to learn more about astronomy without having to go back to school this is the app for you. It's brilliant.
  3. Qik Video
    Qik Video It's a live video and streaming app that allows you to send video messages too. Worth having for many, many reasons.
  4. Navigator
    Navigator A GPS on your phone because let's face it, it's the GPS you'll have with you all the time!
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