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Quick Android Settings Apps  by Stick66

Stick66 says: These 5 apps are what I use for basic control of my Android smartphone. From status checks to quick controls to a dashboard-style UI, these babies have it all.
Stick66's picks
  1. Quick Settings
    Quick Settings (by Sergej Shaf..) A user-defined dashboard of common controls including volume, brightness, wifi, gps, screen timeout, etc., etc.
  2. SilentMode OnOff
    SilentMode OnOff (by CurveFish) A nifty toggle widget to set sound mode to "normal", "vibrate only", or "off". Great when someone's sleeping nearby.
  3. GPS Status & Toolbox
    GPS Status & Toolbox Simple app lets you see the accuracy your GPS function.
  4. WeFi Pro - Automatic Wi-Fi
    WeFi Pro - Automatic Wi-Fi Wifi scanner with connectivity. Also finds listings of nearby, but out-of-range hotspots.
  5. Adao Task Manager
    Adao Task Manager (by Adao) My fave task killer. Some killer apps kill too much, some not enough, but this one kills just right without having to fiddle with too many settings or guess at sizes. Just make sure your phone app is on the ignore list if you use the "auto-kill" feature so you don't drop calls.
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