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PimpYourDroid  by billkur1

billkur1 says: Make your Droid your own with these cool themes.
billkur1's picks
  1. ADW.Launcher
    ADW.Launcher Opensource home replacement app. Features: Customizable desktop previews, Customizable application drawer (old one or iphone/galaxy one), Customizable drag & drop action buttons, Unveil the Dockbar flicking-up the app-drawer button and drop another 6 shortcuts/folders/apps!
  2. LauncherPro
    LauncherPro A new version of LauncherPro has just hit the market. Here’s what’s version brings: For all users: * Fixed a force-close issue when clicking on contact shortcuts inside folders in Android 2.2 * Fixed a memory issue with both Glow and Outline highlights. * Fixed a problem with the 3D app drawer where scrolling very slowly would sometimes trigger a long-press. * Added gradient shadows to the 3D app drawer’s top and bottom parts to enhance the 3D effect. * fixes a bug in that made it impossible to change dock backgrounds or icon highlight colors. It should be back to normal now.
  3. LiveHome
    LiveHome One feature I love about this theme is that you can set the screens to flip like pages! I showed that to my "Droid" friends at work, and they were like, "What?" And I was like, "Hell yeah!"And they were like, "Oh snap! That's pimp!" And I was like, "I know." And then I woke up.
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