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Games People Play  by billkur1

billkur1 says: These are some fun time wasters to play in the waiting room, the car, the bus, the plane, etc, etc, etc....
billkur1's picks
  1. Abduction!
    Abduction! Really addictive game. Love trying to get my cow all the way up to the UFO.
  2. Wordfeud FREE
    Wordfeud FREE My wife and I love playing this game. It really keeps us connected when we are not together. We have so much fun texting smack to each other when we get big points for a word.
  3. Solitaire
    Solitaire Always comes through in a pinch. Cannot go wrong with Solitaire.
  4. Bonsai Blast
    Bonsai Blast Can you say Zuma?
  5. Panzer Panic FREE
    Panzer Panic FREE Another fun game to play with a friend. It's like paintball. Only with tanks. :-)
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