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More Apps for TV Junkies  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: Ah television, it can be art or brainless, inspiring or just an excuse to lounge on the couch all day and not put on pants. While you're lounging, here are some apps that can help you manage your TV habits right from your phone, ensuring you don't even need to leave the couch. Except maybe for some popcorn (no app for that yet).
kcooper11's picks
  1. Take all of the CBS network's programming with you in your pocket. Includes full programs from CBS, CBS Sports, Showtime and more.
  2. Slingplayer for Phones
    Slingplayer for Phones Slingbox is a nice little piece of hardware that lets you watch your recorded TV programs from any computer with internet access. This app takes the technology one step further and lets you stream those shows and movies right to your phone.
    DIRECTV A must have for DIRECTV subscribers. Not at home? Not a problem. Search for programs up to two weeks out and remotely have your DVR record them. You can also order pay-per-view events and movies right from the app.
  4. TV Listings by TV24
    TV Listings by TV24 An alternate to the TV Guide app, including 3000 more channels. Includes searching for cable and satellite services as well as up to date movies and sporting events.
  5. Phone TV
    Phone TV This app is a must for people living abroad in the US. Contains tons of overseas channels, streaming free over the app. Bring this one along for a little taste of home. Also good for Americans looking to get some cultural immersion.
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